Why Electric Vehicles catch fire?

In the last few days, there are constant reports of fire in electric vehicles, especially in electric scooters.  The sisters whom we are going to deal with every day, if the news of a fire comes in, then many questions will come in the mind of the people and people will start getting scared.  So what can be the reason due to which the electric vehicle catches fire and how can we avoid it.

Today in this article we will know why electric vehicle catches fire and what things we should keep in mind so that we can save our sisters from this fire and give our own safety.

Why does an electric vehicle catch fire?

Why Electric Vehicles catch fire?

Lithium-ion batteries are used in most EV cars and scooters and there are two main reasons for fire.  First, the company that manufactures the battery, that is, the company that makes the battery, may not have made it properly, due to which there will be many shortcomings in the battery.

The second reason which can be due to many reasons such as spark in the battery, vibration of the battery, short circuit or any technical fault.  All these causes cause fire in the sisters. Due to these two types of error the lithium ion battery cell goes into thermal runaway process due to which the temperature and pressure in the battery increases and it is extinguished as a huge fire rapidly  .

Sometimes small dust particles accumulate in the battery due to a short circuit between the positive plate and the negative plate and immediately the battery cell explodes in a few nano seconds.

What information does an EV battery give before a fire. Warning signs of EV battery fire in Hindi

The vehicle gives some information before the EV battery catches fire and if you pay attention to these information properly then you can avoid this accident.  The first sign of an EV battery is that it will heat up very quickly and may cause problems with starting and driving the vehicle.  Before the car battery catches fire, smoke will definitely come out in it and some sound will also be heard.  If you find out all these information, then you can save the battery from fire.

How to save EV battery from fire?  How to Avoid EV Fire

A fire in an EV vehicle is a lot of work because of a fire in the rest of the vehicle, but a fire in the vehicle is an accident and we would like that there should be no such accident in a single vehicle and everyone should be safe.  So what are the tips that we can follow to save the battery or car from catching fire.

Whenever the battery in the electric vehicle runs out and the vehicle stops, do not put the vehicle in the charging point immediately.  During this time the engine of the car is in hot mode and if we put it in charging then there is a possibility of fire in the battery.

Put it on charging only after the car engine is completely cold and if you can separate the battery from your car, then charge it only after taking it out. Always remove the charger after the battery is fully charged.

Whichever company has the battery, charge the battery from the same company’s charger and not from any other company’s charger.  Doing so may put your battery at risk.

If your battery has been damaged and you are thinking of replacing it with a new one, then you should only install the same company and same power battery.  Do not use a cheap or low powered battery, it can put your vehicle at risk.

Do not keep the car battery in direct sunlight or any hot place. Always keep the battery or vehicle in cool and shade so that the battery never gets hot. 


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