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Electric vehicle means a vehicle that runs on electricity.  In which vehicles like electric cars, electric bikes and electric scooters are considered the future of India’s auto sector.  What is Electric Vehicle?  How does an electric vehicle work?  Which electric vehicle is best in India.  We will get complete information about this Electric Vehicle in Hindi from here.

What is Electric Vehicle?  What is Electric Vehicle in Hindi 

What is Electric Vehicle?  What is Electric Vehicle in Hindi 

A vehicle that runs on electricity is called an electric vehicle.  It is also known as EV.  This type of vehicle does not have an internal combustion engine.  Which happens in a vehicle running on petrol and diesel.

The source of electricity in an electric car is the battery.  The battery is charged.  Electricity is collected from the battery.  This electric energy of the battery is converted into mechanical mechanical energy. 

The battery in an electric vehicle generates DC power.  Three phase AC induction motor is used in the vehicle.  The DC supply of the battery is converted into AC by the inverter.

This AC supply is driven by a three phase induction motor.  The gear box is attached to the motor.  Here the electric motor rotates the mechanical gear box.  And electric energy is converted into mechanical energy.

History of Electric Car – History of Electric Vehicle

In fact, electricity is nothing less than a boon for human life.  Benjamin Franklin has given a great gift to the world with the invention of electricity.  Today, growing technology in one area after another is not possible without electricity.

After the invention of electricity, it was done in 1832 by the Scottish scientist Robert Anderson.  After this, the trend of electric cars started increasing in the late 18th and early 19th century.

In the late 18th century, electric vehicles were made, whose speed was 100 kilometers per hour.  Including Camille Genanzi’s James Content vehicle.

Electric vehicles became very popular in the early 19th century.  The electric car maker had also shown great interest in this.

The period from 1900 to 1920 was a time of competition for the electric car.  On one side was the fuel-powered vehicle and on the other was the electric-powered car.

There was no noise, no pollution in the electric car.  But the cost of an electric car was much higher than that of a fuel-powered car.  There was no power supply either.  There was also a power crisis.

Fuel was readily available for petrol and diesel cars.  There was also time saving in this, that is why, the inclination of people was more towards petrol and diesel vehicles.

The best-selling electric car in 1912 began to disappear after 1925.  But today once again the world is moving towards electric car.

The world does not have a better option than electricity in front of fuel.  Today every single country in the world is moving towards electric vehicle.

Electric Vehicle, Electric Car, Electric Scooter, Electric Bike How does it work.  Electric Vehicle Works

We have experienced petrol and diesel powered vehicles.  One such door has passed when electric vehicles were used.  This time is coming back due to the compulsion of Prithviloka.

The question is bound to arise in the mind of the one who has not seen a vehicle powered by electricity.  How does an electric vehicle work?

Friends, electric vehicle runs on electricity.  In this, electricity is used to run an electric car, electric scooter, electric bike or any electric vehicle.

We have seen electrical appliances in our house.  We have seen electric powered equipment in public places and especially industrial equipment.

Talking about our house, the ceiling fan that revolves around us, or the flour mill that rotates with an electric motor.  Converts an electric energy into mechanical energy.  And we get the output.

Working method of electric vehicle

The working method of an electric car is much easier than a vehicle with a combustion engine.  Here electric energy is converted into mechanical energy.

Electricity is used on the basis of fuel in Electric Gadi.  Lithium iron battery is used for electricity.  This battery is also used in our mobile.

Battery provides us with DC supply.  Inverter is used to convert this DC supply into AC.  This inverter does the same work as the inverter is in our house.

The AC supply coming out of the inverter is given to the three phase induction motor.  And the motor spins.  There is a gear box between the rotating motor and the moving car.  We get the mechanical energy generated by the gear box in the form of the speed of the car.

Electric vehicle runs on the basis of battery capacity.  How many kilometer will last, here the battery capacity is based on.  This battery is rechargeable.  After being discharged, it is used by charging.

Main Parts of Electric Vehicle – Parts of Electric Vehicle in Hindi

The construction of an electric vehicle is very simple.  If we do tuna of petrol and diesel vehicle, then it is very easy to understand this vehicle.  To understand this vehicle, its main parts should be understood.  Here are the main parts of the electric vehicle.

1 – Battery  – Battery

Battery is the heart stuff in an electric vehicle.  The entire base of the electric gadi rests on the battery.  In a way, the battery is the food of the electric car.  The battery is rechargeable.  After being discharged, it can be charged again.

It uses lead acid and lithium ion.  Most of the batteries are Lithium Aryan.  Its functionality is more good and life is good.

The main function of the battery is to provide power to the electric motor.  Along with this, completes the electric supply for the signal, side light and other functions of the vehicle.

The battery overheats during charging and discharging.  Gasoline is used to remove this heat from the battery.

2 – Electric Motor – Electric Motor

Three phase induction motor is used in electric car.  We have all seen the motor.  Which is powered by electricity.  Motor converts electric energy into mechanical energy.

Here three phase induction motor runs on AC supply.  The speed of this motor is up to 18000 RPM.  This motor gives speed to the car.

Higher the capacity of the motor, higher is the torque of the vehicle.  But the power consumption is also high.

3 – Inverter – Inverter

The role of inverter is very important in Electric Gadi.  Just as the work of an interpreter is done in common life, so does the work of an inverter.

The electricity from the battery is DC.  If we want to run AC three phase motor, then DC supply has to be converted into AC.

The main function of inverter is to convert DC into AC.  The input of the battery is given in the inverter.  And the output is used on the motor of the car and elsewhere.

 The inverter also controls the frequency of the supply.  Due to which the speed of the motor becomes less and more.

4 – Charging Point – Charging Point

Be it an electric scooter or a car, every electric vehicle has a charging point.  The battery of the vehicle is charged from this charging point.

The charging point is connected to the plug top with an external power supply.  This charges the battery. 

Keeping the battery charged is an essential process.  That’s why it is used almost daily.

5 – Battery Management System (BMS) 

The biggest problem solving part of electric gadi is bms.  Many battery cells are used in electric cars.  Its charging and discharging process goes on.

The voltage and current must be constant during the process of charging and discharging the battery cell.  All the cells of the battery must be charged and discharged simultaneously.

The battery’s UN Evan charging process can damage the battery very quickly.  BMS manages all this process.

Charging controls the process of discharging.  Initially this was a big problem which was solved by BMS.

6 – Power Control Unit PCU

The most important work in Electric Gadi is that of Power Control Unit.  It acts as the mind of the vehicle.  Acts as control of electric vehicle.

The PCU is solely responsible for the control of the electric vehicle.

We get all the parameters like speed, battery, safety and rpm of the electric vehicle from the PCU.

The process of charging and discharging of the battery is known to us by the PCU.

How much output does the motor get?  We know this from the PCU itself.

We also get the safety signal of the electric vehicle from the PCU.

7 – Regenrative Breaking Unit

Regenrative braking unit is used to brake the vehicle.  This is a feature of the regenerative system that, when we brake, then electricity is generated.  And this electricity charges the battery.

When the brakes are applied in this, the electric supply is cut.  But mechanical power is obtained due to kinetic energy.

That’s why the motor starts acting like a generator.  Which induces back EMF.  Which also brakes the vehicle and also charges the battery.

Advantage of Electric Vehicle ( Electric Car, Bike Scooter)

1- The biggest advantage in electric vehicle is less pollution.  Today the world is facing a problem like global warming.  Gradually, the amount of pollution is increasing so much that, in the coming time, human life will become difficult.

Electric vehicles can play a big role in reducing pollution.

2 – Running cost is very less.  This cost is very less in Electric Gadi as compared to Petrol and Diesel.  The rising price of petrol and diesel has troubled the common man.

Today the running cost of a petrol vehicle ranges from Rs 5 to Rs 15.  There, the running cost of an electric car is less than 1 rupee.

3- There is very little maintenance in the electric vehicle.  Its composition is simple.  It did not have an engine.  Nearly zero maintenance.

4- Energy is not wasted in electric vehicle.  Energy waste is very less as compared to consumption engine.

5- Acceleration time is very short in electric motor.  That is, the starting torque is very high.

Disadvantage of Electric Vehicle ( Car, Bike, Scooter )

1 – The biggest advantage of an electric vehicle is its mileage.  Mileage capacity is low after its single charging.  Therefore, it is not a good idea to carry it on long distances.  Nowadays every electric vehicle manufacturing company is working in this direction.

2 – It takes more time to recharge the battery.  No one has time today.  In such a situation, it does not feel right to wait for charging for hours.  But it is a good thing that with fast charging, this time limit becomes 1 hour instead of 6 hours.

3 – Life of battery life 

Battery cost is highest in electric car.  The battery life is usually 3 to 5 years.  Due to the high cost of changing the battery, a big burden falls on the pocket.  In this too, the R&D team is engaged in increasing the life of the battery everywhere.

4- The price of electric vehicle is very high.  Owning a vehicle is a dream for everyone.

The cost of electric vehicle is very high as compared to petrol and diesel vehicle.  Almost double the price of a petrol car.  In this, the government is trying to bridge the gap by giving subsidies.

5- Charging infrastructure is not developed in our country.  Charging station not built yet.  Every state government has started but fast work should be done on it.

Best Electric Vehicle in India

Electric vehicle is all vehicles like electric car, electric scooter, electric bike, electric three wheeler.  But today in our country there is not much option in electric vehicles.  It is a bit difficult to decide which is the best vehicle among these options.  But the time to come is of electric vehicles, it is no doubt.

Here is a list of top five electric vehicles powered by electricity.  Which will make it easy for you to choose the best vehicle for you.

Top Five Electric Car In India

Here is a list of top five electric cars.  This is the best electric car in our country today.  From here you can choose which car is good for you.

Sr. No. Company Model Price KM/ Range
1 Hundai Kona 23.91 452
2 Tata Tigor EV 14 L 306
3 Tata Nexon EV 16.8 L 312
4 MG MG ZS EV 24.7 L 419
5 Audi E tron 1.20 Cr. 484

Top Five Electric Bikes in India

Electric bike is the first choice of youth.  Great looking bike attracts everyone.  The number of electric bikes is increasing in our country.  Here are five such models, which are running in our country recently.

Sr. No. Company Model Price KM/Charge
1 Ultraviolette Ultraviolette F77 3 L 150
2 Revolt Revolt RV 300 1.10L 180
3 Odysee Electric Odysee Evoiqs 1.57 L 140
4 One Electric Kridn 1.29 L 110
5 Kabira Mobility Kabira km 1.36 L 150

Top Five Electric Scooter In India

Electric scooter is the most popular vehicle in the city.  A very good alternative to electric scooter has come in front of petrol scooter.  Few company o have created panic in Indian market with very good range.  Whose list is given below.

Sr. No. Company Model Price KM/Charge
1 One Electric Simple one 1.10L 236
2 Rivot Rivot NX 100 1.40L 280
3 Ola Electric Ola s1 Pro 1.10L 181
4 Raft Induse Raft Induse 1.18 L 480
5 Ather Ather 450 Plus 1.46L 85

FAQ For Electric Vehicle in Hindi

1- What is the future of Electric Vehicle in India?

India is the country with the second largest population in the world.  Here the consumption of petrol and diesel is very high.  We have to depend on others for petrol and diesel.  Along with this, vehicles with petrol and diesel are also a threat to the environment.

The thinking of the Government of India is very clear in this matter.  In the coming time, only electric vehicles will run in the auto sector of India.

Our country’s Minister of Vehicles has made it clear that the coming time will be of electric vehicles.  By 2030, all vehicles in India will run on electricity.

2- How long is the battery life in an electric vehicle?

The reason for the cost of electric vehicles is also the electric battery.  Be it an electric car, a scooter or a bike, the cost of the battery is approximately 30 to 40% of the cost of the vehicle.

This question of the people is justified that, how much is this battery life.  The battery life of an electric vehicle depends on the type and company of the battery.

For example, the life of a sulfuric acid battery is 3 years.  The life of the Lithium Aryan battery is from 3 to 10 years.

A lot of teams have been engaged in our country to increase the life of the battery.  The quality and life of the battery is continuously increasing due to new technology.  More good results are likely to come in the coming time.

3- What is the engine in electric vehicle?

Vehicles running on petrol and diesel have a cabunson engine.  But an electric vehicle does not have an engine.  The electric motor does the work of moving the vehicle.  That is, the work of the engine is done by the electric vehicle induction motor.

4- Who invented the electric car?

Scottish scientist Robert Anderson built the first electric car between 1832 and 1839.  Non Richargable battery was used in this.

5- When was the first electric car made in India?

Indian company lovebird launched the first electric car in the market in 1993.

6- How much subsidy is available on Electric Vehicle?

The effort of the Government of India is clear, the intention is also clear.  That is why it is giving subsidy on all types of electric vehicles.  Along with the subsidy of the Central Government, the State Government is also giving subsidy on Electric Gadi.  State subsidies vary from state to state.

Government of India is giving subsidy under FAME-2 scheme.  In which the electric vehicle gets subsidy according to the battery capacity.  In which 1 kwh- is given according to 15,000 thousand.  A limit has been fixed for each vehicle.


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