How to open EV charging station in India? EV Charging Station Business Plan

How to open Ev Charging Station – whether it is environmental pollution or to get rid of the ever-increasing price of petrol and diesel, we have the right to use electric vehicles in the future.  In today’s article, we will give complete information about the electric charging station, which you will know completely about the electric charging station.

How to open EV Charging Station

How to open EV Charging Station 

If you are wondering what is this EV charging station?  How does it work and how do we open an electric charging station so that we can help others as well as start a business and earn a lot of money.

What is Electric Charging Station?

Friends, like our ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) i.e. petrol and diesel-powered sisters, a petrol pump is needed which we use as fuel for the vehicle, similarly there is a need for an E charging station for electric vehicles.  Is.  Battery pack is used in electric vehicle and to charge this battery we need a charging station.

The battery in an electric car is used to run the induction motor in the car engine and this battery pack is most important for the electric car which we use as fuel.

Why one should set up an electric EV charging station in India?  Why should an EV charging station be opened in India?

The price of petrol and diesel is increasing continuously in our country and after a few days it will become very difficult to buy it.  Due to this we can not think of anything other than electric vehicle.  The Government of India says that by 2030, EV sisters will be seen running on all Indian roads in the country.

If this happens then it would be best to start the business of ev charging station in India.  The business of this charging station can prove to be very profitable in the coming times.  If you also want to do business of EV charging station, then definitely read this post till the end, which you will get a lot of knowledge and you can start this business in your city or any other place.

Types of EV chargers

Two types of charging are used to charge an electric vehicle.  As there is a fast charging and a slow charging to charge our mobiles, in the same way, there is AC charging (slow charging) and DC charging (fast charging) to charge Electric Vehicles.

AC Charging (Slow Charging)

The process of AC charging is very simple.  As we plug the car into the AC circuit, this current goes to the inverter installed in the car and it converts from AC to DC and charges the battery.  For this reason, AC charging takes more time.

There are 2 types of AC charging process.

AC Level 1– In this charging process, it is charged in a 15amp socket and it takes 10 to 12 hours.

AC Level 2 – In this charging process, the charge is done from the AC charging box found in the car.  This process takes 3 to 4 hours and through this AC charging box, we can also charge the car from our home.

 DC Charging (Fast Charging)

In this DC charging process, the car gets charged very fast.  In DC charging, the current goes directly from the DC plug to the battery in the car.  There is no conversion and no current goes to the inverter.  The current goes directly to the battery, which is why the Ev car battery gets charged faster.

This type of charging plug is not found in ordinary house or apartment.  Such a plug is available at a charging station mounted outside.

EV Charging Station Basic Requirements. Equipment Required for an EV Charging Station

Some of the equipment or certificates required to setup an electric charging station are given below.

A good parking lot is needed to open the charging station.

Local certificationcivil work should be good

An electric transformer that will provide power supply requires a renewable energy source if the transformer is not available.

Charging stations should be on the side of the road so that the car bus is easily accessible

There should be enough space for car parking

Must have all safety equipment

Drinking water facility is not available

Must have toilet facility

Good technician and helper should be at the charging station

The Companies that Provide EV Charging Station In India

There are currently around 10 companies in India that are offering franchisees for electric charging stations.  Those who want to start this franchise business can take it as per their convenience.

10 company list

  • Tata Power (Mumbai)
  • Volttie (Noida)
  • Okaya Power Group (Delhi)
  • Numocity (Bangalore)
  • P2 Power Solution(Noida)
  • Magneta Group (Navi Mumbai)
  • Charge my Gaadi(Delhi)
  • EVQ Point (Bangalore)
  • Charge+ Zone (Vadodara)
  • Exicom Power System (Gurgaon)

EV Charging Station Cost. EV Charging Station Investment Cost

Before starting any business, we definitely think about the cost of that business.  Similarly, if you want to start an electric charging station franchise business, then you will also need a cost.

The cost of this franchise business depends on the company.  Which company is giving cheaply, then some company charges more money.

Except for the franchise cost, all the other costs will come such as the rent of the parking lot, the cost of civil work, the cost of power supply, the cost of labor, the cost of maintenance like you will have to pay.  If we calculate, then this business can cost from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 10 lakh.  These expenses depend on your location and franchise. 


We hope that you have liked the information How to open EV charging station in India?  EV Charging Station Business Plan given by us, if you like this information, then share it as much as possible and tell us in the comment box how did you like this information. 

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