Best Electric Bikes In India

Best Electric Bikes In India 

Best Electric Bikes In India – Hello friends, welcome to our Hindi blog efev.  Through today’s blog post, we will know about the top electric bikes in India which are currently running on Indian Road.  The demand for electric cars, scooters is increasing, so even electric bikes are not lagging behind.  There are now any companies in India who are giving more importance to electric bikes manufacturing.

So today we will give you information about the electric bikes available in India and all their features, company, price, mileage.

Top/Best Electric Bikes In India 2022.  Electric Bikes Available in India



Never Stop Revolting.  Friends, Revolt RV 400 is a great electric bike which is very good in terms of design, engine, looks all.  The bike is powered by a 3kw electric motor, which is powered by a 3.2kwh lithium-ion battery.  The bike comes with 3 modes of operation which include Eco Mode, Normal Mode, and Sports Mode.

The Revolt Rv 400 electric bike has a max speed of 85kmph which covers up to 150km on a single full charge.  This bike takes 4.5hrs to get fully charged.  Another special thing about this bike is that you get to see 4 types of sound effects (Revolt, Rebel, Roar, Rage) which you can control and change the carrier of their mobile app.

Talking about the price of Revolt Rv 400 electric bike, then its ex-showroom price comes to 1.24 lakhs.



Komaki Ranger is India’s first electric cruiser bike whose looks are quite popular due to attractive looks, amazing balance, smooth ride and extra ordinary features.  Talking about the battery capacity of this electric bike, it is 72V/50ah which gives power to the 4000w BLDC motor installed in the bike.

The Komaki Ranger electric bike has a range of 200km/charge and both the tires are tubeless and both the wheels are mated to a double disc braking system. The ex-showroom price of the Komaki Ranger e bike is 1.68 lakhs.


Kabira Mobility KM 4000

The Kabira Mobility Km 4000 electric bike gets its power from the integrated 5000W BLDC motor.  It takes 6hr 30min to fully charge this bike, which is used to charge the 4.4kwh battery.

Talking about the range of Km 4000 e bike, then 90km can go on full charge and the ex-showroom price of this bike is 1.37 lakhs.  Only one model of this bike is available in the market.


Tork Kratus Electric Bike

The Torque Kratus electric bike made by Tork Motors company is powered by a 4kwh lithium-ion battery and is paired with a 4500watt axial flux PMSM motor giving 9kw power. The Tork Kratus bike has 4 types of multi driving modes in which Eco, City  , Sports, and Reverse twists.

The max speed of this bike is 105kmph and this bike gives mileage up to 180km/charge on full charge. It has the option of fast charging in which 0 to 80% is done in an hour and if we talk about the timing of normal charging then 4  It takes about 5 hours from this. The ex-showroom price of this bike is 1.17 lakhs.


Svm Prana Electric Bike

Talking about the battery of SVM Prana electric bike launched by Srivaru Motors, it has a 7.2kw non-removable Lithium Ion battery along with BLDC motor has also been connected. This bike has been made with complete sporty look.  Which is very much liked by the young generation.

Talking about the mileage of this bike, it can cover a range of up to 225km on a full charge.  The top speed of this bike is 123kmph and its battery takes 6hr 30mins to get fully charged. The ex-showroom price of SVM Prana electric bike is 2.25 lakhs. 


We hope that you have liked the information Best Electric Bikes In India given by us, if you like this information, then share it as much as possible and tell us in the comment box how did you like this information. 

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